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Pastor Lance & Vernell Alexander
Rivers of Life Church International

Pastor Lance Alexander                                                      The Sanctuary                                                          First Lady Vernell Alexander

Our Pastors, Drs. Rick V. & Barbara Layton
Pastor & Founder of
Word of Faith Church International, Shreveport, Louisiana
Faith Life Church International, Saginaw, Michigan   
Live Video Streaming  Sunday at 0:00 AM / On KSYB 1300 AM Sundays at 9AM
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Vernell Alexander on the TCT Network “Rejoice” Program.
TCT Airs in 170 Nations around the World! 
                      Vernell & the “Rejoice” Host                            Vernell Alexander                          Vernell & Cathy Williams, TCT Host         
      Dr. Nasir Siddiki & The Alexanders             Dr. Ben & Jewel Tankard / Alexanders           Leeann Hawkins, VIJ Prison Ministry
        Dr. Jewel Tankard, The Laytons                  A good friend, Connie, KC.MO.                      Vernell & Dr. Evol Alexander

              Pastor Alexander & Garland Crain                  Vernell & Micah Stamply’s Mom                 My Producer, Marty Funderburk

 Brother, Foster & Wife, Elda McMillon                 Dr. Barbara Layton & Vernell                           Justin Kropf, Engineer


            Pastor Lance Alexander                                        Vernell Alexander                       Vernell Alexander, /Aldric Smith, Keyboards

                  Guest Pastors                             Evangelist Lynson Alexander/Houston, TX.                   Dr. Layton / Impartation

           Dr. Layton                                    Dr. Layton  / The Blessing                         Dr. Barbara Layton, Alexander’s & The Dudleys (R)

    Dr. Layton, Pastor Pouncy/Beaumont, TX      A Word of Prophecy / Evg. Lynson Alexander                      Dr. Rick V. Layton

           The Laytons & The Alexanders          L-R  Brother Pat, Rodney(WOF) Vernell & Pastor          Son , Foster Leon, home from Korea   

“Six Year Anniversary Celebration”

       Dr. Rick V. Layton,  Speaker         L-R, Candace (daughter) &           Supt. G. Alexander, Houston         Guest Soloist, C. McCulloug
Vernell Alexander                            Pastor’s Brother 
The Congregation                                    Pastor Alexander Addressing the Congregation              Ctr, Mary Pickens

       Minister Scherell Hewitt                     Minister Toni Toliver                        Dr. Jackie Dozier                   Pastor Alexander & BrothersLife     

Christmas Concert 09 Featuring Dr. Ben Tankard, Sylvia Dudley Williams & Vernell Alexander
Vernell Alexander & Kathy Davis           Guest Soloist Sylvia Dudley Williams           Vernell Alexander
Dr. Rick V. & Barbara Layton                              Ben Tankard “The Piano Prophet”                           Bridgett Litton
Dr. Ben Tankard                                   Dr. Ben Tankard                           KSYB Radio Manager, Rhonda Sanders
Pastor Lance & Vernell, Dr. Ben          Ben Tankard, Vernell, Pastor & Mrs. Tyrone Moore         Lavern Carley
Winner of the Grand Prize! Ben Tankard, Jr.   First Lady Mercedes Evans & Vernell     Dr. Rick & Barbara Layton



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