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Pastor Lance Alexander

Pastor Lance Alexander was born in Port Arthur Texas.  He is the husband of Vernell Alexander, a loving father and grandfather.  His parents are Lloyd and Betty Jean Alexander.  He has the heart of a true servant and walks in the fear of the Lord.  He is a man of great wisdom, respect, honor, integrity, and love for God.  The favor of God is upon his life and the ministry that God has called him to. 

In earlier years when Pastor Alexander graduated from college, he knew that very day that God had a call upon his life to be active in ministry. Even though his family did not have funds to send him to college, he believed God to bring him through school and God did. He received an Associates Degree of Divinity from Heart of America Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. He received his Bachelors Degree in Industrial Technology Science from Prairie View University in Texas. For the past 25 years, he has worked in management for two Fortune 500 companies; Proctor and Gamble and General Motors Corporation.

With over 25 years in ministry, Pastor Alexander has served God’s people in Texas, New York, Missouri, Michigan, Kansas, and currently in Louisiana. He is an experienced instructor, teacher, effective facilitator, counselor, organizer, Minister of the Gospel, and now Pastor. As an anointed professional drummer, his talent has blessed many through praise and worship.  For over 20 years, Pastor Alexander effectively and faithfully committed his life to support and assist other Pastors and evangelists in ministry. He accepted his call to Minister and in 1997received his license to preach under the leadership of Elder E. C. Morton of Deeper Life Christian Ministries, Kansas City, Missouri, where he served faithfully for approximately 10 years. During his service there, he served as deacon, associate Minister, financial advisor, trustee, Sunday school teacher, and pantry coordinator for annual outreach programs. Pastor Alexander served as an associate Minister and special remodeling project coordinator at Gethsemane COGIC under Elder Zack Smith in Flint Michigan. He also faithfully served under Rev. Gray at Pleasant Green Baptist Church, Kansas City, Kansas for over 6 years as a deacon, Sunday School Superintendent, Minister, soul winning and outreach minister.

In January 2003, after God directed him to move to Shreveport Louisiana, “Rivers of Life Christian Ministries” was started based on the Word of God in Ezekiel 47:9.  He began ministering out of his home until the Lord led him to meet at the La Quinta Inn, on Financial Plaza. In June 2004, God lead him to purchase a building for the ministry.  He serves under the spiritual covering and leadership of Drs. Rick V. & Barbara Layton.  With fervent prayers and supplications for all, Pastor Alexander continues to reach and impact souls that can come into fellowship with God and enjoy living by the Kingdom principles that God intended for his people to live by.

Vernell Alexander

Vernell Alexander is a passionate Christian soloist and anointed worship leader.   She is a woman of Integrity and is known for her vocal talent.   Vernell has served as a faithful Minister of Music for many years. At age 5, Vernell was taught to sing by her mother, Golden Rigmaiden McMillon, who was also a committed, Christian Musician, Instructor, Singer, and Minister of Music.  

Vernell is the devoted wife of Lance Alexander, Pastor and founder of Rivers of Life Church International, Shreveport, Louisiana.  Their pastors and mentors are Drs. Rick & Barbara Layton of Word of Faith Church International in Shreveport, Louisiana.  She is the youngest of 11 siblings; she and her husband have five children and nine grandchildren.  Vernell has been instrumental in helping her husband in Ministry since 2001. She serves graciously as Minister of Music, Worship Leader, and associate Bible Teacher.  

Vernell has been a Christian psalmist since 1967.  She has traveled to various ministries proclaiming the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song.  As a personal project, Vernell was blessed to record her first personal project CD entitled, “Rivers of Life” in March 2004. She completed a second project “The Lord Reigns” in June 2005 and released her third album, “This Will Be Christmas” in November 2008.
Vernell continues to impact the Kingdom of God with her God given talent  Her passion is found in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in nursing homes, prison ministry, and Facilities for women.  She brings an anointing for healing, and deliverance for women and children so that they will know Jesus Christ loves them and that they too can live in total complete victory through the anointed Word of God.    

Ministry Phone: 318-686-1879



Rivers of Life Christian Ministries, Inc.


Pastor Lance Alexander answered the call to Pastoring in July 2001 while living in Kansas City, Missouri. Rivers of Life Christian Ministries was born based on the inspired Word of God.  God gave Pastor Alexander the vision to begin this ministry in order to reach souls and minister to the needs of children and families in the community by preaching and teaching the word of God.  Pastor Alexander and his wife, Vernell Alexander, were the first two members of the church.  They continued in the word in their home until God inspired Pastor Alexander to move “South” to Shreveport Louisiana in June 2002. 
The Lord led Pastor Alexander and his wife to look for a larger facility to accommodate the ministry.  While searching the Shreveport area, he was led by Holy Spirit to exit off of I-20 and go into the LaQuinta Inn and Suites and said that he would find a room there.  We had our first meeting at the LaQuinta Inn, at 6700 Financial Circle in Shreveport Louisiana where the ministry officially began publicly in January of 2003.  On that day, we had rain, sleet, and a little snow but it did not hinder us from meeting.  Four members were added to the church that day.  By the end of the year, we grew in number to 26 souls.    
We were thankful for the La Quinta Inn where we were able to gather and proclaim the gospel. We saw lives changed.  We had the opportunity to minister healing and restoration to many travelers who stayed at the La Quinta Inn.  Some were from Pennsylvania, Texas, New Jersey, Missouri, West Virginia, Michigan, Alabama, and California.   Pastor Alexander was led to move on from the Inn.  It was his desire and vision to purchase our very own church building that would accommodate our growth, would not limit us to time and space constraints, and we could freely minister the Word of God. 
In 2004, the ministry name was changed to “Rivers of Life Church International”.  The same year Pastor Alexander was led by the Holy Ghost to come under the covering of Drs. Rick V.  & Barbara Layton of Word of Faith Church International, Shreveport & Faith Life Church in Saginaw Michigan.  Since our divine connection there, our lives and ministry have had supernatural manifestations of the anointing and presence of God in our midst. 
Pastor Alexander came very close to purchasing two different buildings.  Each time the Holy Ghost said “not this one, I will lead you to the right one”.  So he waited.  In May 2004, by the leading of the Holy Ghost, Pastor Alexander found a building located at 2516 McCutchen in Shreveport Louisiana.  Within 21 days, we signed the contract and closed on the purchase of the building.  After 2 months of working on the building, our first service was held on August 1, 2004.   We remained there for 3 ½ years. 
On April 29, 2007, Our Pastor & Wife, Drs. Rick and Barbara Layton, came to our Church and Pastors Anniversary service and ministered to us.  Dr. Layton told us that the Word from God that day was that there was an Open Door of Opportunity before us and that it was time and that we would soon be leaving the facility at 2516 McCutchen.   Exactly 9 months later, it came to pass and on December 30th, 2007, we signed the contract and closed on our new facility located at 2910 Meriwether Road, Shreveport, LA.   The new facility was dedicated on February 28th, 2008.  We give Glory to God for his presence dwells here. 

Our Missions and Outreach include: Free tutoring for children of all ages, supporting local and World-wide Food Pantries, Missionaries of Africa, Centers for Women & Children, and Bowie County Women’s Prison Ministry.
We are grateful for the Anointing, and for the vision God has given to establish Rivers of Life Church International for the perfecting of God’s people and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the community, to this city, and to the world.  

Email:  Phone: 318-686-1879

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